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Room Design 

Update/ Refresh 

Design fee includes 5 hours of design time, three options for each area of focus and a 10% discount on any item purchased through Sotre.  Purchases will be billed at the retail rate.  Additional work after 5 hours to be billed at hourly rate of $275. 


For the client looking for a few decoration changes or updates to an already furnished home, we will help you look for those pieces that will help you create an even more beautiful environment for living. Whether you are looking for new window treatments (shades, curtains) bed linens, a new sofa and pillows, a new rug, light carpentry (bookcase or cabinets), reupholstery or anything similar, we can help you elevate and update your existing decor. 

This is for the client that needs one to three items completed in a single room. 

Complete Room Design 

Design fee includes 10 hours of design work, three options for each selection and 15% off every item purchased through Sotre.  Credit of $250 will go towards the first $5000 of items purchased through Grace Kaynor Designs. 


For the client looking to design one or two rooms in their home.   We will visit your home, measure for custom window and floor treatments and develop a design scheme which includes, as needed, paint, flooring, lighting and hardware.  We will also create a complete furniture and soft treatment layout and three selections for each item in the layout.  Additionally clients will receive a list of suggested floor coverings, wall coverings, bedding, window treatments, fabrics, furnishings, art, antiques and accessories. 


Grace Kaynor Designs will manage the building, shipping, receiving, inspection and storage or all items.  We will project manage the timelines to ensure your purchases are installed with care by team members and our trusted vendors.  We will try to deliver on schedule and while many delays are out of our control, we will manage our vendors and provide consistent communication to our clients when timelines are adjusted. 

Additional work to be billed at hourly rate of $275.

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