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About Grace Kaynor 

Grace Kaynor is a nationally published and highly sought after interior designer who lives in New York and New Orleans and who works on projects all over the US and abroad.  With over 15 years of design experience, Grace also has a Master’s degree in Decorative Arts, a background in Art History and is also certified in sustainable design and wellness. She skillfully and expertly blends old and new to create timeless interiors that nod to the past while feeling very healthy, fresh and modern. Her background also allows her to create both modern and traditional interiors. Grace Kaynor and her team skillfully guide commercial and residential clients towards livable, healthy and beautiful spaces that offer a timeless elegance regardless of style.


Good design starts with collaboration.  We serve our clients best by listening to their needs and then creating their dream homes by bringing our expertise and experience to every project.  We create beautiful, healthy homes that are balanced, sustainable and timeless. We carefully curate each selection to make sure it works within an overall design framework.  We manage project timelines, shipments and installations and we expertly coordinate work with our vendors to help you achieve your ideal living environment. We believe in beautiful, creative spaces that promote health and well-being - rooms that allow you to live your highest and best life.

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