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About Grace Kaynor 

Grace Kaynor is a nationally published and highly sought after interior designer who lives in New York and New Orleans.  She studied Political Science and Art History in college and received her JD from Tulane Law School before moving to New York.  After working in New York, she received her Master’s degree in The History of Decorative Arts and worked at the Freer Gallery in Washington, DC and the Brooklyn Museum of Art before joining the editorial staff of the Magazine Antiques.  At 39, she once again returned to school and received a design certificate from Parson's School of Interior Design.  After design school, Grace trained under Cullman and Kravis mentee, Jennifer Flanders.  Upon returning to New Orleans, she started her own design firm and became certified in sustainable design and wellness. She has been in business for over 16 years and specializes in creating unique interiors based on a blend of design history and color.  Her interiors are  fresh, modern and healthy - and almost always playfully nod to the past. 


Good design starts with collaboration.  We serve our clients best by listening to their needs and then creating their dream homes by bringing our expertise and experience to every project.  We create beautiful, healthy homes that are balanced, sustainable and timeless. We carefully curate each selection to make sure it works within an overall design framework.  We manage project timelines, shipments and installations and we expertly coordinate work with our vendors to help you achieve your ideal living environment. We believe in beautiful, creative spaces that promote health and well-being - rooms that allow you to live your highest and best life.

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